Fixment P121 Tile Adhesive

Fixment P121 Tile Adhesive

Fixment P121 Tile adhesives can be used for fixing all types of tiles and stone over various substrates. These products are ready-to-mix, self-curing, and with excellent adhesion properties. Their superior bond strength prevents shrinkage cracks and slippage of tiles. It Is a high strength polymer modified Adhesive. It can be used for ceramics/vitrified tiles, stones, pavers and bricks.

It is recommended for application on cementitious substrates, self leveling screeds, fibre cement boards and blocks. It is suitable under wet and dry conditions including swimming pools and fountains.

It is a polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive used for fixing ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, glass mosaic and stones of regular size on walls and floors with regular traffic. It is specially recommended for glass  mosaic and stones due to its white colour which adds to the aesthetic look.